2021 Referee Camp – Wrap-up

The 2021 Referee Camp was an event to be remembered! We had over 150 referees take part in one of five courses from Level 1C with 72 attendees through to Level 3.

Basketball SA hosted the 2021 Referee Camp at the Adelaide 36ers Arena. Starting the day most referees ran a fitness test which measured their fitness against the FIBA Beep Test guidelines of 86 males and 66 females. 

Each Level then divided into their groups, where they worked through each Module for their course. 

Level 1C included four modules; Stopping the game, Basic signals, Calling OoBs, Being Decisive, AoR, Maintaining distance, Pathway, Expectations, Signal Practice, Calling travel, Calling double Dribble, Review Mechanic, Calling fouls, AoS, Heavy Contact Situations, Calling Charges, Communication, Game Administration, Pathway. 

Level 1B worked through two modules with on-court mechanics included. Their modules included Signals, Using your Whistle, Preventative Voice, Lead Mechanic, Trail Mechanic, Transition, Calling Violations, Calling fouls, Professionalism, Preventative Voice, Dealing with Conflict, Screens, Post-Play, Game Administration, Reports, Referee Pathway 

Level 1A had three modules including on-court mechanics. The modules went through Advanced Communication, Using your whistle, Effective Communication , Mechanics, Game Administration, Assessments, Self-assessment, Calls vs No-calls, Screens and Post-Play, Basic Violations, Advanced Violations, Game Control, Awareness Leadership, Correctable Errors & Special situations, Reporting Procedures 

Level 2 & 3 worked through their expectations, goals off and on court mechanics, individual officiating techniques, calling and control of the game and communication and presentation. 

Basketball SA was excited to have South Australian presenters teach and inspire our referee community. Please see the list of presenters for each course;

Level 1C

Damian Rault

Linda Gabell

Kelly Burke

Barrie Harris

Maddi Shaw

Level 1B

Bailey Dyer

Tom Hayman

Steve Greaves

Level 1C

Ben Shepherd

Danika Shepherd

Nathan Davis

Adam Gillings

Mike Richardson

Level 2

Vanessa Devlin

Matt Ryan

Hugh Starkey

Daniel Troy

Level 3 

Chris Clarke

Michael Aylen

Nathan Durant

As well as the above presenters, Basketball SA’s Phil Haines, James Griguol and Jarrod Cresp were also involved in discussions in each course. 

Basketball SA thanks all attendees who completed the course. It’s great to see our referee community continuing to upskill and gain more experience to help the game of basketball! 

As the 2021 season is coming to an end, Basketball SA looks forward to hosting the 2021 Referee Awards Dinner where we will award the 2021 referee awards from the season, from Referee of the Year to Rising Star and much more. Join us and enjoy a 2 course meal and a fun evening. Tickets are limited so be quick and book your seat today!