2022 Competition Framework

Thanks to our members who have contacted us to discuss the new competition framework. The new competition framework will be implemented from 2022 for a period of four years (reviewed after two years). Under the new framework, only the month of September is designed to be a ‘low’ activity period.  Further consultation will take place to confirm activities for the October to February period, but it is intended that during this time there will be Basketball SA organised competitions and carnivals, as well as other structured events. Grading processes will take place in December, February or both months.

Basketball SA would like to provide assurance that there is no intention of having a gap in competitive basketball. The aim of these changes are to innovate and improve the way we deliver basketball and we will provide more information as details are finalised.

If you would like more information about your club’s involvement or understanding of the process and how the new competition framework was developed, please contact your club President or Junior Development Officer.

To read more about the new competition framework for 2022 click here.