2022 Grading System

The grading system deployed in 2021 for our District teams was effective and has resulted in competitive games throughout most divisions. As part of the new competition framework the grading system will be reviewed by a smaller working group formed by the Competitions Manager. This group will determine the grading system to be deployed for Junior District Competitions, from 2022. This approach was endorsed by the Basketball SA Commission.

To provide representation from across our key stakeholders and basketball representatives, the following people make up the working group: 

Tom Mitchell                     Basketball SA Competitions Manager

Mell Bradley                      Basketball Adelaide representative

Marcus Wong                   Competitions Committee representative

Dion Grieger                     Club JDO representative

Jason Roberts                  SA Church

Scott Butler                      Basketball SA Player & Coach Performance Services

The Competition Manager will convene two meetings with this group to review the 2021 grading process, discuss and determine the grading system for 2022. Once developed, these options will be provided to the Competitions Committee, Basketball Adelaide, SA Church and non NBL1 District Clubs for feedback. This feedback will be considered and factored into the final option for Grading from 2022. This grading system will be reviewed after two years as part of the overall competition review. 

More information will be shared as it becomes available. 

To read more about the new competition framework for 2022 click here.