Get ready for 2022…

Get ready for an exciting new season of basketball in 2022. The 2022 Basketball SA season tips off on January 31, 2022 and there are some key changes to competitions.

In August 2021 Basketball SA set about reviewing all aspects of our Metro and District League competitions together with a forum represented by:

  • Basketball Adelaide
  • Commissioners
  • Competitions Committee
  • Referees
  • High Performance
  • Junior Development Officers (JDO’s)
  • Competitions Department

As a result of the workshops a new competition framework was developed to be implemented in 2022 for four years. Along with the new competition framework there were some changes to competition names and structure.

What’s new in 2022?

The competitions names have changed:

Junior District League (JDL)
Under 10 – Under 18 Boys & Girls

Youth District League (YDL)
Under 21 Boys & Under 23 Girls

Senior District League (SDL)
Senior Men’s and Women’s

Competition Format

The 2022/2023 Competition Format have been developed in consultation with District Basketball Clubs. All dates, rounds and finals are subject to change (due to current COVID-19 risks) and everyone will be communicated with any changes as soon as possible.

As Basketball SA previously announced, the old summer season and winter season have been replaced with the below competition format and season names.

JDL Pre Season
(FEB 3 – MAR 26)
The Pre Season competition format is for divisions/leagues where no grading competition occurs.
e.g. Division 1 & 2 in all JDL Competitions

Div 1 & 2 = 9 rounds
*no finals in the Pre Season

JDL Grading Season
(FEB 3 – MAR 26)
The Grading Season is a competition that results in teams being placed into divisions based on match results.
e.g. Division 3 and below in all JDL Competitions

Div 3+ = 8 rounds
*no finals in the Grading Season

YDL & SDL Pre Season
(JAN 31 – APR 11)
The Pre-Season is a competition for all divisions in YDL & SDL. There will be grand finals for this competition format.

9 rounds
Grand Final – Apr 11

Championship Season
The Championship Season is the main season for the year, this follows on from the pre/grading seasons in JDL, YDL & SDL. Where possible games will be played in a home and away format.

18 rounds – MAR 31 – AUG 27
Finals – SEP 1 – 10
Grand Finals – SEP 15 – 17

18 rounds – MAY 2 – SEP 5
Finals – SEP 12 – 25
Grand Finals – SEP 26

Double Headers and School Holidays

2022 District Basketball Season will run over a shorter period than normal, therefore there will be a number of double headers to ensure the same number of rounds are played in the Championships Season.

Basketball SA is aware of the impact of double headers on families, and have scheduled different age groups playing double headers on different weekends and we have avoided scheduling rounds during school holidays. At this stage there is only one round included at the end of the July school holidays.

2022 Season Calendars

Basketball SA District 2022 Season Calendars, you can find all the key dates and double header information outlined on the calendars to assist with your planning for 2022.

Download the calendars, print them out and keep them on your fridge!

* Our 2022 calendar is correct at the time of publishing, but is subject to change pending venue availability, AJC dates, referee availability, etc. Should changes occur we will notify our community as soon as possible.

2023 Pre/Grading Season

The 2023 Pre/Grading Season will begin in mid October 2022 (after school holidays), these dates will be confirmed and communicated at the earliest convenience.

Basketball SA cannot wait to see all the ballers back on the courts. Bring on 2022!

To read more about the new Competition Framework, please click here.