Grading Mechanisms

The purpose of the Grading Season is to ensure that teams end up in a Championship Season Division that allows them to play against teams that provide fair and competitive games. Sometimes grading mechanisms result in teams initially being seeded in pools with other teams that are seeded a bit higher than them. This sometimes results in games with lopsided results, but it should lead to better-balanced Divisions for Championship Season! 

Positive COVID-19 cases has also resulted in some games being ‘washed-out’ or not played which has also impacted how the grading system should work. 

The pools that teams are grouped in change after every 3 rounds, so the games should become more competitive as we progress through the Grading Season, which will flow through to Championship Season.

Based on feedback and game results, the Competitions Manger has altered some details of the grading mechanism for the Girls Divisions which will be monitored and reviewed closely.