Size 5 Basketball for Under 12s

Currently under 10s play with a size 5 basketball on 8-foot rings and under 12 players progress to a size 6 basketball on 10 foot rings. Beginning in 2022, under 12 competitions will move to using a Size 5 Basketball in line with recent changes by Basketball Australia and the VJBL.  

Introducing the size 5 ball for under 12s will allow a focus on better shooting and ball handling skills for our junior players. It will allow under 12s to develop correct techniques with an appropriately sized ball for this age group before transitioning to larger basketballs in older age groups.

The change aims to make the transition from under 10s to under 12s smoother with just one change of a higher ring. Then by the time players are ready to move to under 14 level the only change is a slightly larger, size 6 basketball. 

The size 5 basketball for under 12s brings our competition into alignment with the VJBL and ensures that our players are using the same size ball in local competitions to what is required if they play in the Classics tournament in Melbourne.

To read more about the VJBL research into size 5 basketballs please click here.