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Providing an instant, secure and convenient game-day payment solution for participants, clubs and associations will soon become standard as Basketball South Australia have partnered with Teampay

Teampay Zoom Information Videos

These sessions are demonstrations of how to use Teampay and are not an opportunity to provide feedback on the introduction of Teampay. Please contact Basketball SA directly with any feedback.


Recorded Teampay Zoom Information Sessions:

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TOP 10 FACTS about Teampay & Inclusive Player Game Fees

1. Families will receive a discount per player based on the number of players in the same family

–  We’ve listened to feedback from our community and adjusted our new Inclusive Player Game Fees to enable a sliding scale of discounts

–  This means that the general price rise is now more equitable for all families.

–  Multi-player families can apply for the discount.

2. Inclusive Player Game Fees will replace individual player game and spectator fees

–  A general price rise of about 50 cents per player will apply*

–  Basketball SA has not increased game fees in over 4 years

*Based on previous player game fee of $8 and assuming 1 spectator per family

3. A Transaction Fee of 26 cents + a 2.5% Stripe credit card processing Fee per player will be passed on to Players

–       Previously Basketball SA has absorbed transaction fees. Like many organisations this cost will now be passed on to the end user.

–       Teampay uses Stripe to ensure the safest and most secure payment gateway

–       Basketball SA do not receive the transaction or processing fee.

4. Team Managers are NOT responsible for managing payments

–  using the Teampay app Team Managers will select the team playing in the game. It’s like the pre-COVID system of collecting paper player tickets. Instead, the Team Manager ticks a box on an app just like they do with the scoring iPad.

–  Team Managers are in no way responsible for collecting game fees.

5. Stadium Door Staff will now be on court

–       Our Customer Service Staff will be active on court working with our community to improve and support officiating, provide assistance to teams, manage and reinforce a safe and positive environment for our players, coaches, volunteers and spectators.

6. Coaches will continue to receive FREE entry

–   Coaches that have children playing in BSA competitions will receive a $3 weekly discount from one child’s player game fee.

–   Basketball SA will work with Clubs to obtain a list of Coaches to facilitate the discount at the backend of Teampay.

7. Basketball SA Life Members will continue to receive FREE entry

–   Basketball SA will contact all Basketball SA Life Members directly. Those that have children playing will receive a $3 weekly discount from each child’s player game fee.

8. Basketball SA Members experiencing financial hardship or believe they are financially disadvantaged can apply for discounts

–   As always, Basketball SA Members experiencing financial hardship can apply for assistance.

–   If you believe you are significantly disadvantaged by the changes to Teampay and Inclusive Player Game Fees please get in touch so we can help.

9. Basketball SA welcomes spectators to our courts

–   Individual spectator game fees will no longer apply.

–   All Basketball SA spectator limits will be in line with the current COVID safe guidelines. 

10.Inclusive Player Game Fees

–       Inclusive Player Game Fees go towards Referee education and payment, court hire, stadium maintenance and Coach education.

Introducing Teampay

At the end of May 2021, Basketball SA will be implementing Teampay to facilitate team payments for Metro and District basketball teams in SA replacing the current EFT and cash process. Payments will be made via the Teampay app either on an individual basis or by the Team Manager on behalf of the individual players.

Teampay will be the Official Game Day Payments provider for Basketball South Australia and will provide an exceptional user experience for all participants and administrators. 

Teampay is an app that allows for teams to arrange individual electronic payment from each player, rather than having to rely upon one person to collect the money and make a payment on behalf of the team. Teampay have partnered with Stripe to provide a safe and secure payment gateway.

In two steps, you can simply select who’s playing from your team, hit confirm and the match fees will evenly transfer from your team members account.

The Teampay app is available on IOS and Android to allow for seamless, real-time transfer of payments. To download the app, search for the Teampay app in either the Apple or Android stores.

Getting started is so simple. Just download the app, sign up, enter your payment details and your organisation’s unique team code. 

Paying your game fees has never been easier.

Up until now, participants playing in Basketball SA Metro and District League competitions have paid an individual player game fee and spectators have paid a fee as well. Basketball SA is pleased to share a change to our player and spectator fees for these competitions.

There will be a change to the fee structure commencing from the Winter Season. Player fees will include a spectator component and individual spectators fees will no longer be charged.

The combined player fee includes a ‘spectator component’ of a maximum of $3.50 plus transaction fees at Junior Metro and District level in 2021.

Basketball SA has not made any adjustments to game and spectator fees for at least 4 years (even longer in some Leagues). An advantage of Teampay is we can roll all adjustments and fees into one easy transaction. The Teampay payment is inclusive of:

  • Player Game Fee
  • Spectator fees
  • Standard inflation
  • Transaction fee

With the elimination of individual spectator fees, there is an opportunity to encourage more spectators to games (especially at Youth League and Senior levels), improving atmosphere for players and generating awareness for our sport, all while making basketball more affordable for many families.

Below is an infographic explaining the cost savings that the new inclusive spectator fees will provide families and a table of the current player fees and our new fee inclusive of the spectator component.

Note: Examples based on a junior player Under 12-18. Assume Transfer Pass equivalent cost of $1 per game (current fee). Examples include processing payment of 2.5% plus 26 cents per transaction.
Note: New prices include a processing payment of 26 cents plus 2.5% per transactionNT

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Teampay have partnered with Stripe to offer the safest and most secure payment gateway to ensure your money is being delivered to the organisation. 

If the player pays their game fee but doesn’t play, they can receive an individual refund. Generally it takes anywhere from 2-3 business days for the funds to go back into their account. When they’re issued the refund it also includes the transaction fees, so they’re not left out of pocket.

Phone and email support is offered by Teampay with quick turnaround times to ensure issues are resolved promptly. 

The user can purchase a prepaid debit card. Alternatively, at the discretion of the Team Manager or another parent in the same team can pay cash to them, who then pays double using their own Teampay account.

That’s one of the great things about Teampay, once registered, you can literally leave your phone in the car, or even at home and not have to worry about a thing. For the designated team captain, they will need to have their phone on them to select who on the team is playing the upcoming match. This can also be done hours before the game if the captain would prefer to leave their phone in the car. Please note that you’ll still need to bring your phone to games to complete your COVIDsafe mobile check-in.

Yes, absolutely. A notification will be sent direct to your handset letting you know when a payment had been made from your account and for how much.

Yes, absolutely. The competition administrators can add you to as many teams as you like.

The current transfer pass for spectators will no longer be used but a discount system will be implemented. 

There will be some changes designed to benefit the basketball community. There will be less ‘desk’ work for staff, resulting in a higher ratio of active staff on court (Stadium Service Officer) to improve assistance to teams, referee education, and behaviour monitoring.

There will be an online form to replace the existing Transfer Pass. Basketball SA has the ability to apply a discount in Teampay of $1.50 per child to registered members of the same family.

Yes. Coaches will be able to walk straight into a stadium to attend their game (or a game for education purposes).

Not much. Once the app is set up, submitting the team payment is much the same as selecting the team on the scoring Ipad.

The Teampay fee will cover additional spectators that attend to watch your child play. In exceptional circumstances Basketball SA can (upon application) assess individual circumstances of a parent coach.

In the meantime, for more information on Teampay, please visit the following link:

 If you have any queries please contact Basketball SA HERE.