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Celebrating Success: Basketball South Australia Officials Shine at U14 Australian Junior Championships

In the month of September, Basketball South Australia had the distinct honour of being represented at the U14 Australian Junior Championships by a dedicated crew of six referees and two referee coaches. This participation marked a significant milestone for our officials, providing them with an exceptional opportunity to officiate at a highly competitive level, thus allowing them to gain invaluable experience and further enhance their referee expertise.

A particularly noteworthy achievement was reached by Claire Bowler, who was selected to officiate in the Girls gold medal shield game. This is a testament to her unwavering commitment and the tremendous effort she invested in her preparation. It’s a well-deserved recognition of her skills and dedication.

It is with great pride and admiration that we commend the exemplary efforts of South Australian officials, namely Cameron Dixon, Jonathan Raw, Emmy Ashmoore, Thomas Alexander, Isaac Mann, and Claire Bowler. Their remarkable dedication and hard work have certainly paid off, as evidenced by their outstanding performance at this important event.

We must also express our heartfelt gratitude to Danika Shepherd and Matthew Pepicelli, who have generously devoted their time and expertise to serve as valuable Referee educators. Their contributions are integral to the growth and development of our officiating team.

Basketball South Australia eagerly anticipates and remains committed to providing further development opportunities for our Game Officials and Educators. This will ensure that our officials continue to excel and uphold the highest standards in the world of basketball officiating.