An intuitive and intelligent platform designed for the South Australian basketball community.

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What is Basketball Connect?

Basketball Connect is an intuitive and intelligent platform designed for the South Australian basketball community. Basketball Connect provides a comprehensive technology solution that has been designed to make administering, managing, participating, and spectating Basketball easier.   

The Basketball Connect solution is extremely comprehensive and covers all technical aspects of running and administering Basketball competitions. From a sophisticated yet easy-to-use registration platform to a match day app, the Basketball Connect solution will help deliver a world-class Basketball experience to the entire Basketball South Australia community. 

What are the benefits of Basketball Connect?

The Basketball Connect match day app offers significant benefits including:

  • Easy to find matches with google locations
  • Automated notifications when matches are postponed, cancelled, moved or forfeited
  • Ability to communicate with your entire Basketball community via notifications, email or the news feature  
  • In-app chat function which can be used by administrators, coaches, and team managers removing the need for Whatsapp and TeamApp
  • Electronic match day player sign-on
  • Ability for coaches and team managers to organise training, team events and other activities in app
  • Ability for players to respond with their availability for matches and training
  • Integrated eCommerce function
  • Detail match and player statistics
  • Real-time Draw and Ladder 
  • Real-time incident tracking 

Who can use Basketball Connect?

Club Admins

Club Admins

Coaches and Team Managers

Coaches and Team Managers

Players, Parents & Spectators

Players and Parents



How do I register?

In the next few weeks, your Club will email you details on how to register via the app or website. Make sure you have your name, email and date of birth that was used in your Gameday profile. We’ve transferred this profile data to  Basketball Connect so you can find your new profile easily. 

Any questions contact your Club Admin directly. 

FAQs Basketball Connect

FAQ's Basketball connect

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Registration Guide for Web Browser

Registration Guide for Web Browser

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Registration Guide for Mobile App

Registration Guide for Mobile App

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Weekly game fee changes

Weekly game fees will now be collected via Basketball Connect and we will no longer use Teampay. 

When you register in Basketball Connect, credit/debit card details are added and Basketball Connect will deduct the weekly game fee automatically after each game (payments are processed overnight).

We previously passed onto members a transaction fee of 26 cents + a 2.5% Stripe credit card processing fee per player when using Teampay and there was a sliding scale of discounts available to families with multiple players.

In Basketball Connect there will no longer be discounts offered on weekly game fees and Basketball SA will absorb the Stripe transaction fees.

The weekly game fees for District League 2023 are listed below: 

  • SDL $12.00
  • YDL $10.00
  • JDL U10 $10.50
  • JDL U12+ $12.50

Weekly game fees are attributed to referee education and payment, court hire and stadium management.

Download the App

Download the Basketball Connect App

IOS App Store Version

Download the Basketball Connect App

Google Play Version

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