This framework reflects best practice of bodies such as Sport Australia who support a change of sport culture
There is no excuse (and no circumstance) to act poorly towards others

Basketball SA recognises that an inclusive and positive culture is needed to enable participants to learn and grow in an environment that is free from harassment, bullying, degrading, or intimidating behaviour

We want to be the sport of choice
We want to have a united culture 
We want to embrace a diverse community

This framework applies to all people in attendance at Basketball SA competitions or tournaments, including coaches, team managers, staff, players, referees, other officials, and spectators.

Behaviour Management Framework

Unfortunately, incidents of poor behaviour within our sport has been increasing. It is recognised that to improve the culture, changes are needed from everyone within the sport – players, coaches, volunteers, referees, staff and officials.

The Behaviour Management Framework looks to set a standard of behaviour through on court and off court mechanisms and clear guidelines.

The Behaviour Management Framework will be implemented in 2022 and be reviewed in 12 months to assess its effectiveness.

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Behaviour Management Framework Presentation

Let Kids Be Kids

Let Kids be Kids is a national campaign by Play By the Rule that addresses poor sideline behaviour – largely at junior sport. 

The behaviour of people on the sidelines of junior sport can have a profound impact on kids’ participation and enjoyment of sport.  


Check out the Play By The Rules – Let Kids be Kids Campaign Resources.

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The Behaviour Management Framework looks to set a standard of behaviour through on court and off court mechanisms and clear guidelines.  As such, those who have been ejected for not meeting these standards are as below. 

Name of Ejected PersonDivision/GradeTeam NameClubDate Suspension Ends