The Female Participation Strategy uses a collaborative approach to engage females in the sport of basketball, and develop increased confidence, community spirit and leadership skills.

Basketball SA’s Female Participation Strategy responds to the South Australian Government’s ambition to grow the number of active female sport participants in South Australia. The strategy developed by Basketball SA aims to address low female sports participation, sporting engagement for rural and remote communities, and long term retention and pathway opportunities. Together with our Members and the Adelaide Lightning, it is our vision that females are represented in all roles of sport and active recreation.

Female Participation Strategy seeks to build an environment that supports, encourages and
appreciates the impact females have in sport and recreation

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Female Participation Strategy | 2021 - 2024

The broad vision is to positively impact the greater sporting and basketball community within South Australia. 

Basketball SA has partnered with SA Country Basketball, the Office for Recreation Sport & Racing (ORSR), Department of Infrastructure and Transport (DIT), Department of Education, Adelaide Lightning and SA Church Basketball.

Basketball SA will work in partnership with these organisations to ensure long-term success of the outcomes of this strategy.



The outcome will be positive role models for women, visible pathways, leadership roles and
engagement with remote and rural communities through sport. 

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