Walking Basketball is a low-impact, social and fun way to improve the levels of physical activity for inactive and slightly active Australians, including those recovering from injury

The program provides optimal health benefits to all who participate, including those who might be intimidated by the pace and impact of a traditional basketball game but love the slower, more social version of Walking Basketball

About Walking Basketball

Walking Basketball is for participants across all ages, genders and abilities and helps to maintain and improve health and decrease risk factors associated with sedentary behaviour.

Whether you played years ago and want to get back into it, have never touched a ball or want to give something less strenuous a go, Walking Basketball could be the sport for you.

Benefits of Walking Basketball

For Providers

  • Increased social connectivity and opportunity to diversify
  • Greater respect and recognition from the wider community by being more accessible. This recognition can come from local councils, media and possible sponsors
  • Possible greater volunteer/administration services and skills
  • Additional venue usage
  • Change the way people view basketball and how we play it
  • To show and educate the older generation that keeping active doesn’t have to be a boring chore.
  • Positive societal impact by helping to stem the obesity and inactivity epidemic that is prevalent among the community
  • Opening your doors to the wider community is about more people enjoying the sport of Basketball. This is not restricted to playing. Remember, participation also includes an increased pool of coaches, referees, score table officials and even committee members.

For Participants 

  • A gentle physical activity program that allows seniors to be able to play a game of basketball alongside their peers in a fun and relaxing environment
  • A low impact program that creates community belonging, participation and a sense of achievement
  • The opportunity to play a modified game of basketball that is inclusive and caters for all skill levels
  • A fun and frivolous environment where participants look forward to the next Walking Basketball game
  • Give confidence in their bodies that they might have lost, never had or feel like they are losing.
  • Keeping active within a social environment
  • A fun way to slow down the ageing process, and help feel stronger and young at heart.
  • An environment where intimidation or anxiety about fitness of skill level is a non issue
  • Informal and relaxed structure allowing flexibility that suits the participant