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The Ivor Burge Program is designed to train recognised athletes within the Inclusive Basketball Program and represent South Australia in a high-performance environment.


What is the Ivor Burge Championship?

The Ivor Burge Championship is part of the Australian Junior Championships series (AJC’s). The AJC’s are a series of events that form the pinnacle for emerging athletes within Australia, seeing the National Champion crowned at the conclusion of each event. These inclusive events provide athletes with the opportunity to represent their State or Club on the national stage and give athletes the chance to experience a replication of the high-performance environment that Australian national teams experience when they compete internationally.

Since the Australian Basketball team for People with an Intellectual Disability made their international debut at the 1992 Paralympic Games in Barcelona, the Australian Sports & Recreation Association for People with an Intellectual Disability (AUSRAPID), together with Basketball Australia, created the Ivor Burge Championship.

It was decided to title the Tournament the Ivor Burge Championship as Ivor Burge is considered one of the founding fathers of Basketball in Australia. Although he went to college in Springfield, Massachusetts, after graduating he came back home to Australia to promote the game further.

Do I qualify for the Ivor Burge squad?

The Ivor Burge Championship is for athletes with an intellectual disability and integration difficulties as per the VIRTUS classification requirements.

Eligible Groups

How do I complete my Eligibility Application?

If you have any questions or need help completing the form, then please contact Sport Inclusion Australia on 03 5762 7494 or

Download Athlete Registration and National Eligibility Application Form

2023 Ivor Burge Championships

2023 Men's Team

Winning their 4th Australian Junior Championship in a row.

2023 Women's Team

Performing excellently against their rival states.

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