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Basketball South Australia is here to support our officials

We value and appreciate your ongoing support and contribution to our sport and we simply cannot play without you.

We are committed to driving the recruitment and retention of referees.

Lifeline Foundation Support

The Lifeline Foundation is Australia’s leading suicide prevention service. They are a national charity providing all Australians experiencing a personal crisis with access to 24-hour crisis support. They are here for us.

You can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14

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Support Channels

As basketball referees, we can sometimes be under a lot of pressure, not only with matters on the court but off the court too. Your experience and wellbeing are important and there are support options available to you.

Basketball South Australia has many different avenues for all kinds of support. So, if you ever feel uncomfortable, angry, worried, stressed or just simply need a chat please keep in mind of all of the different support avenues we have.

1.Partners and Peers 

Remember that we are a team out on the court and should always back up and support each other. A simple “Good call” to your partner can go a long way to help support one another and build our team relationship.

2.Stadium Services Officers 

The Stadium Service Officers (SSO) or Court Supervisors are always close by and are there to provide assistance and support to you, your partners and the game. If you ever need assistance from them be sure to ask.

3.Basketball South Australia Referee Department

If you feel that you need to talk to someone outside of the stadium, Phil Haines and James Griguol are readily available and have a wealth of refereeing experience to help guide you through different situations, feelings and emotions.

Feel free to get in contact with them to discuss any issues you may have: 

Phil Haines: 0426 509 416

Daniel Troy: 0401 521 844

4.Sports Chaplin

There are other situations where we need to talk to people outside of our refereeing community, for times like this we can always reach out to your family and friends. Or for when you want to keep things more private you can always reach out to our sports Chaplin

Craig Turner (Sports Chaplin): 0433 199 759

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