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We value the role that referees play in our great game. We offer the following courses to assist with referee development and upskilling. All courses are nationally provided by Basketball Australia

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About Referee Accreditations

Basketball SA provides a number of development and accreditation courses for officials across the state.

All courses follow the Basketball Australia Accreditation Program and Curriculum also includes accreditation levels for referees, referee coaches, score table officials and statisticians.

There are a number of state and national levels of accreditation offered by Basketball SA and all levels require theoretical and practical training, including an on-court assessment based on each levels’ national requirements.

Level 0 Accreditation

Level 0 is an introductory referee course containing the basic rules, game administration and mechanics needed by beginner referees. Beginner referees working through their Level 0 accreditation are expected to officiate on-court wearing the beginner referee green shirt. 

Level 1C, 1B & 1A Accreditation

The next step in an official’s development is to advance through the Level 1C, 1B and 1A theory and on-court competencies. Each of these courses are usually run on a weekend and take approximately 8-10 hours to complete. Referees must complete a theory exam and on-court assessment to meet the competencies outlined within each course level. 

Level 2 Accreditation

Level 2 is the beginning of the advanced courses and referees at this stage of their education are usually on an elite pathway and involved in a development squad or similar program. Referees need to complete the Level 2 course, which takes approximately 10-12 hours. Again Referees must complete an advanced referee exam and on-court assessment over a number of games to meet this level of course competencies. Level 2 referees should expect to be refereeing at higher junior representative or senior State League level. As a Level 2 referee you may be considered for selection to a National Junior Championship.  The Level 2 accreditation can take in excess of two years to achieve the required competencies.

Level 3 Accreditation

Level 3 is the highest level of state accreditation and referees at this level will be regularly officiating at State level. At this level, referees would have completed many hours of accreditation training and been involved with and completed a number of years in a State or National referee development program. While there is no course at this level, referees must undergo a rigorous assessment process and will be assessed at top state levels over a number of games within the state Premier League competition.

Minimum Age Requirements 

Level 1C – 13 years old

Level 1B – 15 years old 

Level 1A – 17 years old

Level 2 – 18 years old 

Level 3 – 18 years old 

Referee Key Documents

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Level 0 Referee Course Booklet
Level 1C Referee Course Booklet
Level 1B Referee Course Booklet
Level 1A Referee Course Booklet

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