2021 Women’s Champions – Southern Tigers

The Southern Tigers have held on with a bunch of clutch plays as they won the inaugural NBL1 Central Womens 87-77 over the North Adelaide Rockets at the St Clair Recreation Centre.

The X-Factor for the Tigers in Bianca McCalop started with two triples and along with Jemma Thacker pushed them out to a 10-0 start. Tia Bails then drained a triple before Morgan Yaeger got going followed by a Thacker triple for an 18-5 start. With five straight triples to the Tigers it took Jess Good with two triples in a row to snap the momentum, but veteran Tara Dodman drained another triple to leave both teams with ten triples in the opening stanza as it stood 29-22 with the Tigers up at quarter time.

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2021 Men’s Champions – North Adelaide Rockets

The North Adelaide Rockets ended a 15-year drought in the Mens as they stunned in the finals series and in the NBL1 Central Mens Champiosnhip decider with an incredible fairy-tale finish 72-87 over the Norwood Flames at the St Clair Recreation Centre.  

Sunday Dech set the Rockets going with a couple of big buckets early with a triple then putback two with the Rockets opening a 2-11 run with CJ “Turnage-nator” Turnage guarded closely by Dech; Tobias Dowdell off to an incredible start with 5 points of his own. Anthony Green hit back for the Flames with a thunderous two-handed slam but Dowdell then added another two with Jack McVeigh dropping his first bomb of the night to make it 6-16 and timeout to Mike Malat and the Flames. Green flushed another one down before Jimma Dau hit back for the Rockets with a triple followed by former Rocker Ray Harding at the other end with a triple along with Turnage. Verle “The Red Tornado” Williams found Dowdell with the no-look pass and Tobias flushed it down one handed for an explosive opener 16-25 after one.

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Last month, Basketball SA announced a new competition framework for 2022, together with changes to the Metro and District League 2021 finals series.

To conclude the 2021 Metro and District League seasons the final series will see the top 8 teams play off over three weekends and four finals rounds. The top 4 teams at the end of the minor rounds will have a double chance at progressing through the finals series. The bottom 4 teams of the top 8 will play elimination finals with the winners progressing and the losers’ season coming to an end.

This finals approach will apply to 2021 only due to the late changes that have occurred. For divisions with less than 8 teams, the Competitions Manager will review these individually and provide alternate finals information directly to impacted clubs.

All division grand finals will be played on Sunday, 31 October with venues to be confirmed.

Note: Youth League and District Seniors will play out Season 2021 as originally scheduled.

To read more about the new competition framework for 2022 click here.

Currently under 10s play with a size 5 basketball on 8-foot rings and under 12 players progress to a size 6 basketball on 10 foot rings. Beginning in 2022, under 12 competitions will move to using a Size 5 Basketball in line with recent changes by Basketball Australia and the VJBL.  

Introducing the size 5 ball for under 12s will allow a focus on better shooting and ball handling skills for our junior players. It will allow under 12s to develop correct techniques with an appropriately sized ball for this age group before transitioning to larger basketballs in older age groups.

The change aims to make the transition from under 10s to under 12s smoother with just one change of a higher ring. Then by the time players are ready to move to under 14 level the only change is a slightly larger, size 6 basketball. 

The size 5 basketball for under 12s brings our competition into alignment with the VJBL and ensures that our players are using the same size ball in local competitions to what is required if they play in the Classics tournament in Melbourne.

To read more about the VJBL research into size 5 basketballs please click here.

The grading system deployed in 2021 for our District teams was effective and has resulted in competitive games throughout most divisions. As part of the new competition framework the grading system will be reviewed by a smaller working group formed by the Competitions Manager. This group will determine the grading system to be deployed for Junior District Competitions, from 2022. This approach was endorsed by the Basketball SA Commission.

To provide representation from across our key stakeholders and basketball representatives, the following people make up the working group: 

Tom Mitchell                     Basketball SA Competitions Manager

Mell Bradley                      Basketball Adelaide representative

Marcus Wong                   Competitions Committee representative

Dion Grieger                     Club JDO representative

Jason Roberts                  SA Church

Scott Butler                      Basketball SA Player & Coach Performance Services

The Competition Manager will convene two meetings with this group to review the 2021 grading process, discuss and determine the grading system for 2022. Once developed, these options will be provided to the Competitions Committee, Basketball Adelaide, SA Church and non NBL1 District Clubs for feedback. This feedback will be considered and factored into the final option for Grading from 2022. This grading system will be reviewed after two years as part of the overall competition review. 

More information will be shared as it becomes available. 

To read more about the new competition framework for 2022 click here.

Thanks to our members who have contacted us to discuss the new competition framework. The new competition framework will be implemented from 2022 for a period of four years (reviewed after two years). Under the new framework, only the month of September is designed to be a ‘low’ activity period.  Further consultation will take place to confirm activities for the October to February period, but it is intended that during this time there will be Basketball SA organised competitions and carnivals, as well as other structured events. Grading processes will take place in December, February or both months.

Basketball SA would like to provide assurance that there is no intention of having a gap in competitive basketball. The aim of these changes are to innovate and improve the way we deliver basketball and we will provide more information as details are finalised.

If you would like more information about your club’s involvement or understanding of the process and how the new competition framework was developed, please contact your club President or Junior Development Officer.

To read more about the new competition framework for 2022 click here.

Recently a new competition framework for 2022 was announced. The framework was developed after extensive consultation with stakeholders and has resulted in ‘once off’ changes to the close of the 2021 season.  At the request of our member clubs, the end to this season will provide more time to prepare for 2022 age groups. 

No games will be played in November 2021. Moving forward from 2022, there is no intention of having a gap in competitive basketball. 

To read more about the new competition framework for 2022 click here.