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2023 Hall of Fame Inductee – James ‘Jim’ Madigan

James ‘Jim’ Madigan commenced his basketball journey in 1957 as a District player for YMCA, South Adelaide. Jim quickly transitioned from his role as a player into coaching where he truly built his path to success. 

Jim became very active in the development of players in the early 60’s coaching Juniors, Senior Women’s, and Men’s competitions. From 1963 to 1968, Jim expertly managed multiple teams concurrently, coaching the Men of YMCA, West Torrens, and Central. Furthermore, his coaching prowess extended from 1968 to 1985 as he led the Women’s South Adelaide team at the district level. Jim’s district level coaching achieved phenomenal results winning premierships in 1966, 1972, 1973, 1984 and 1985. The coaching success continued for Jim winning the title of club champions in West Torrens of 1973. 

Jim’s coaching journey has spanned across diverse teams and skill levels, marked by a notable accomplishment of leading the St Clair Women v South Korea and the St Clair Men on a successful USA Tour. His coaching ability has produced exceptional outcomes, not only in terms of team achievements but also in the remarkable development of individual players.

Jim coached the State Women’s team to 3 junior titles and took on a role coaching the Australian Women’s Team (now known as the Opals) from 1973-1978. 

Jim travelled to the USA funded by Basketball Australia in the 70’s. On his trip to the USA, he had the opportunity to study techniques that were utilised for progressing female basketballers. The trip saw Jim visit UCLA, Baton Rouge, Washington DC and Oregon.

International success and experience didn’t end for Jim in the training and development opportunities he pursued. Jim was part of two China tours, a Japan tour and a Europe tour within his coaching career. 1974 saw Jim coaching at the Oceania Championships held in Australia, then the World Championships in Columbia in 1975. Jim also travelled as part of the Pre Olympic Tournament in Bulgaria to continue his journey in coaching. 

Jim has had a phenomenal coaching journey and has achieved Life Membership status at Forestville Basketball Club (Formerly West Torrens Basketball Club) and Basketball South Australia.