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2023 Hall of fame Inductee – Malcolm Heard

Malcolm Heard 

The late Malcolm Heard commenced his basketball journey in the 1950’s working hard to reach state and national teams. Malcolm was a very humble, peaceful, and caring man that carried himself in a way that earnt respect from others throughout his career in Basketball.

Malcolm played basketball for OBI in 1954 to 1959 in the SA Basketball League. Malcolm worked extensively on his skills in this time, being recognised as the Most Improved Player in 1954. The team then took out the League Championship in 1956.

Malcolm saw his time as a state player commence in 1955, attending various Australian championships as a state player for an impressive 12 years ending his time with this squad in 1967.

Malcolm’s success at a state level saw his talent be recognised with him reaching a new height representing the Australian team in 1960. Malcolm reached a rare achievement in 1960 representing Australia alongside his brother John Heard for the Olympic Qualifications. Malcolm returned to the Olympic space in 2000 participating in the torch relay at the Sydney Olympics.

Malcolm played Basketball for Australia in Bologna, Italy for a qualification Tournament, then again in 1962 at the World Championships in Manila, Philippines.

Malcolm continued playing at the State and District level for 10 years at United Church and Sturt. Joining the district team in 1960, Malcolm showed why he had reached the successful levels he had in his career. Malcolm won back-to-back Woollacott Medal awards in 1964 and 65. This award is presented to the player recognised as the Best and Fairest in the league for that year.

United Church (now Sturt Basketball Club) had a successful 1970 season with Malcolm participating as a player coach and leading the team to a summer premiership in the opening season at the new Apollo Stadium.

Outside of his playing and coaching achievements Malcolm also actively participated in the referee space for basketball for over 20 years, and eventually used his knowledge and experience as a referee to go on to coach and train other referees for SACBOA.

Malcolm’s extensive knowledge of so many aspects of Basketball lead to him being the President of Sturt Basketball Club and SACBA, as well as the Vice President of SACBOA. Malcolm also served as a committee member and president of the SA Olympians Club and was a member of SA Olympic Council.

Malcolm’s career spanned playing at a state, national and international level, decades of coaching and refereeing and being a voice on several sporting boards.

Malcolm’s commitment to Basketball lead to him achieving life memberships for Sturt Basketball Club , Basketball South Australia, SACBA and SACBOA.