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Basketball South Australia is proud to recognise and congratulate the 13 referees and 2 referee coaches who traveled to the Gold Coast to represent the state at the 2023 Foot Locker Australian School Championships, from 27 November to 1 December 2023.

The championships are held over two categories, championship division & participation.  The medal tally is a testament to the exceptional performance of the Basketball South Australia representatives, with a total of seven bronze medal games and five gold medal games proudly secured.


Jamie May – Championship Woman’s Bronze Medal Game. 
Tynan Kelly – Championship Men’s Bronze Medal Game. 


Matthew Hubner – U20 Men Div1 Gold Medal Game. 

Makita Pitt-Williams – U15 Men’s Div1 Bronze Medal Game. 


Jack Pietsch – U20 Men’s Div3 Gold Medal Game. 

Josh Boxall – U17 Mens Div2 Gold medal game. 

Matthew Dixon – U15 Woman’s Div2 Gold Medal Game.

Alix Lilley – U15 Woman’s Div2 Gold Medal Game. 

Grace Taylor – U17 Woman’s Div2 Bronze Medal Game. 

Zinzan Todd – U17 Men Div4 Bronze Medal Game. 

Grady Cooper – U15 Woman Div2 Bronze Medal Game. 

James Anderson – U15 Woman Div2 Bronze Medal Game. 

Behind the scenes, experienced referee coaches Maddison Shaw and Benjamin Shepherd played a pivotal role, as the referee coaches, guiding and shaping the referees’ performances. Their outstanding work throughout the week in the Participation and Championship Divisions, respectively, contributed significantly to the success of Basketball South Australia on the national stage.

The journey to the 2023 Foot Locker Australian School Championships was not only marked by record-breaking participation but also by an impressive display of skill, determination, and sportsmanship by Basketball South Australia’s referees and referee coaches. The state proudly celebrates their achievements and contributions to the basketball community.

On Saturday 25th November we came together at the State Basketball Centre to celebrate the success of our Referees and Technical Officials in 2023. The Officials Awards Night highlights some of the standout individuals who have dedicated their time to our sport. Referees and Technical Officials within basketball in South Australia dedicate countless hours to ensuring games can be conducted and we wouldn’t have the opportunities available without these team members.  

The awards for the evening acknowledge statisticians, score table officials, referees, and referee coaches. Highlight the significant achievements of our rising stars, most dedicated and team members of the year. The event also allowed us to acknowledge the Life Membership of Steve Greaves who has dedicated decades to the official’s space within our sport having an outstanding impact throughout his time. 

Please join us in acknowledging and celebrating the individuals who were the recipients of the 2023 Officials Awards.  

ACBA Referee of the Year OLIVIA TINDALE 

Future Stars Referee of the Year LIAHNA JUST 

Most Promising Statistician BAILEY NATHAN 

MSBL Mini Referee of the Year KAHLIA READ 

MSBL Senior Referee of the Year STEPHEN BAIN 

Referee Coach of the Year NBL1 SIMON CROWDEN 

Referee of the Year, Junior District JAMIE MAY 

Referee of the Year, Senior District ZAREN TATARELLI 

Rising Star, SA Country THOMAS ALEXANDER 

Rising Star, Score Table BRAD RICHMOND 

Rising Star, Junior District LEVI VERWEY 


Rookie of the Year, NBL1 SAM BAXTER 

SA Country Referee of the Year IZEYAH RAYMOND 

Score Table Most Dedicated CHARLOTTE GOODALL 

Score Table Official of the Year FRANK KLEINIG 

SDJBL Referee of the Year HUGO SHEN 

SSO of the Year, District BECKI SUTCLIFFE 



Statistician of the Year “Golden Stats” TERRY JONES 

Sturt Domestic Referee of the Year TAYLOR HO 

Westside Domestic Referee of the Year JACK SHEPPERD 

To access a complete image gallery from the night click here.

Congratulations to the following players selected in the 2024 Ivor Burge Program squad who will compete at the Footlocker National Championships in at the end of January next year. 

Keenan Georg-Dent
Zachary Georg-Dent
Joshua Whelan
Bradley Kinross
Wayne Kinross
Harrison Mallard
Franz McCuish Pierson
Alexander Monk
Kurt Scott
Riley Williams

Aiden Grigg

Jayne Brownlee
Kristy Carter
Maddi Fox
Katie Greig
Danielle Hill
Alysia Potts
Isabella Spencer
Shelly-Anne Tonkin
Mia Woods
Samantha Williver


Head Coach – Taylor Renshaw
Assistant Coach – Scott Kenny
Team Manager – Paul Beinke
Assistant Team Manager – Daniel Johnston
Apprentice – Catherine Beinke

Head Coach – Eliza Wooden
Assistant Coach – Kyla Wilson
Team Manager – Amanda Warren
Medical – Andrea Spencer

Congratulations and good luck to our South Australians representing Australia at the Frank Ponta Cup 🧑‍🦽🏆

🏀 Alexander Blackmore (Athlete)

🏀 Kane Dowie (Athlete)

🏀 Fernando Grez Montiel (Athlete)

🏀 Cooper Spillane (Athlete)

🏀 Nathan Simpson (Coach)

🏀Ben Evitts (Referee)

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Congratulations to the following players selected in the 2024 U20 State Performance Program squad who will compete at the Footlocker National Championships in at the end of January next year. 



Lem Ajith

Jackson Bowden

Harry Bruce

Patrick D’Arcy

Alex Dodson

Spencer Gaze

Jack Haggett

Jonty Smith

Harvey White

Kurt Whitmore


Bailey Anderson

Harry Mules

Liam Neville

Enoch Osei-Tutu

Daniel Smith



Rosie Akot

Elli Constantopoulos

Stephanie Formby

Hannah Gardiner

Chloe Gray

Sienna Grieger

Sasha Hardin

Maddy Hinton

Asha Marshall

Paige Padroth

Mia Parkin

Chelsea Portus

Airlie Ramsey

Laura Richmond

Emmy Roach

Georgina Salandra

Vanessa Stanfield

Shannon Thompson

Jemma Tredrea

Mia Walker-Roberts

Terran Wright

In the month of September, Basketball South Australia had the distinct honour of being represented at the U14 Australian Junior Championships by a dedicated crew of six referees and two referee coaches. This participation marked a significant milestone for our officials, providing them with an exceptional opportunity to officiate at a highly competitive level, thus allowing them to gain invaluable experience and further enhance their referee expertise.

A particularly noteworthy achievement was reached by Claire Bowler, who was selected to officiate in the Girls gold medal shield game. This is a testament to her unwavering commitment and the tremendous effort she invested in her preparation. It’s a well-deserved recognition of her skills and dedication.

It is with great pride and admiration that we commend the exemplary efforts of South Australian officials, namely Cameron Dixon, Jonathan Raw, Emmy Ashmoore, Thomas Alexander, Isaac Mann, and Claire Bowler. Their remarkable dedication and hard work have certainly paid off, as evidenced by their outstanding performance at this important event.

We must also express our heartfelt gratitude to Danika Shepherd and Matthew Pepicelli, who have generously devoted their time and expertise to serve as valuable Referee educators. Their contributions are integral to the growth and development of our officiating team.

Basketball South Australia eagerly anticipates and remains committed to providing further development opportunities for our Game Officials and Educators. This will ensure that our officials continue to excel and uphold the highest standards in the world of basketball officiating.

Basketball SA, the peak sporting body for basketball in South Australia, is thrilled to announce a meaningful partnership with SA Wheelchair Basketball Association (SAWBA). Under this collaborative effort, SAWBA will become a valued Community Partner at the State Basketball Centre. This partnership signifies a significant step toward promoting inclusivity and community engagement in the world of basketball. 

SAWBA is dedicated to providing opportunities for individuals with disabilities to participate in and enjoy the sport of basketball. This partnership with Basketball SA aligns with both organisations’ goals to make basketball accessible to a diverse range of athletes. 

As part of the agreement, SAWBA will host their Tuesday night social basketball competition at the State Basketball Centre. Basketball SA will also provide the use of courts and the high-performance gym for national team representative training. This will further enhance the facility’s reputation as a hub for community engagement and inclusive sports programs, as well as confirm it as the new home of all South Australian Basketball. 

“We are excited to welcome SA Wheelchair Basketball as a Community Partner at the State Basketball Centre,” said Tim Brenton, CEO of Basketball SA. “This partnership exemplifies our commitment to fostering inclusivity in basketball and providing a welcoming space for athletes of all abilities. SAWBA’s presence will undoubtedly inspire our broader basketball community.” 

In addition to hosting their social basketball competition and national player training, SAWBA will receive support from Basketball SA in a number of operational aspects. This includes assistance with referee pathways, coordination and scheduling, competition management, and administrative support. These collaborative efforts will help streamline SAWBA’s operations and further enhance the overall experience for participants. 

“We are delighted to partner with Basketball SA, an organisation that shares our passion for inclusive sports and community engagement,” said Lucinda Bueti, President of SAWBA. “This partnership provides us with a home where our athletes can thrive and grow. We are grateful for the support from Basketball SA, which will enable us to continue providing opportunities for individuals with disabilities to participate in the sport they love.” 

The collaboration between Basketball SA and SAWBA reflects a shared commitment to promoting inclusivity and fostering a sense of community through basketball. 

Together, they look forward to expanding opportunities for individuals with disabilities to engage in the sport, building stronger connections within the South Australian basketball community. 

Basketball SA, the peak sporting body for basketball in South Australia, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with SEDA College. Under this collaboration, SEDA College will continue as a community partner of Basketball SA at the State Basketball Centre, including renting office space within the facility. 

SEDA College, a leader in contemporary schooling, sports and education programs, shares Basketball SA’s commitment to fostering community engagement and providing opportunities for youth development. This partnership marks a significant strengthening of ties between the educational and basketball communities in South Australia. 

As part of the agreement, SEDA College will establish a presence at the State Basketball Centre, utilising office space within the facility as its head office in Adelaide. This move highlights the importance of education in the world of basketball and demonstrates the desire for collaboration and innovation between the two organizations. 

“We are delighted to welcome SEDA College as a community partner at the State Basketball Centre,” said Tim Brenton, CEO of Basketball SA. “This partnership reflects our dedication to creating an inclusive and dynamic environment for the community. By having SEDA College as tenants, we are helping them in their desire to help young talents thrive both academically and athletically.” 

SEDA College is known for its innovative education programs that combine classroom learning and SACE completion with hands-on experience in the sports industry. With a focus on personal and professional development, SEDA College provides students with unique opportunities to build careers in sports and related fields. 

“We are excited to partner with Basketball SA, an organization that shares our passion for education and sports,” said Matthew Daly, Principal SEDA College. “This partnership allows us to further our mission of providing young people with pathways to success through sports-focused education. Being a part of the vibrant State Basketball Centre community is an exciting opportunity for our staff.” 

The collaboration between Basketball SA and SEDA College not only enriches the experience of aspiring athletes and students but also reinforces the State Basketball Centre’s role as a dynamic hub for both sports and education. Through the partnership, Basketball SA will also be looking to strengthen the official’s pathway, with referee accreditation able to be recognised towards SACE completion. 

Together, Basketball SA and SEDA College look forward to empowering South Australia’s youth through sports and education, fostering growth, and nurturing the talents of tomorrow. 

Basketball SA, the sporting body responsible for the NBL1 Central, is proud to announce an exciting new partnership with Big Shed Brewing, a renowned independent craft brewery known for its commitment to quality and innovation. This collaboration brings together the world of basketball and craft beer to create a dynamic partnership that will undoubtedly score points both on and off the court. 

Basketball SA has a rich history of promoting the sport at all levels in the state, from grassroots MSBL Social to the NBL1 Central competition. This partnership with Big Shed Brewing aligns with the aim of celebrating South Australian talent whilst creating unforgettable experiences for fans.  

Tim Brenton, CEO of Basketball SA, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, saying, “We’re excited to team up with Big Shed Brewing, a company that shares our values of community, excellence, and innovation. Big Shed Brewing’s approach to craft beer has been about pushing boundaries, and we believe this partnership will offer fans memorable experiences both at our events and at the brewery.” 

Big Shed Brewing, known for its support of basketball in South Australia, will now expand its partnership across the sport, and brings a unique perspective to this partnership. 

Craig Basford, Director of Consumer Business and Marketing of Big Shed Brewing, shared his excitement, saying, “We’re honoured to partner with Basketball SA, an organisation that embodies the spirit of basketball and community development. This collaboration builds on our history of supporting basketball in South Australia, and we’re committed to delivering outstanding experiences for fans of both craft beer and basketball.” 

In addition to celebrating the passion for both independent craft brewing and basketball, this partnership includes Big Shed Brewing’s sponsorship of the NBL1 Central and the supply of their exceptional craft beers, cider and alcoholic lemonade and ginger beer at the new State Basketball Centre at Wayville. This ensures that fans will have access to top-quality brews while enjoying exciting basketball action in South Australia’s premier basketball facility, the new home of South Australian basketball. 

With the Masters games tipping off next week, you can try a Big Shed beer or one of their exciting new Big Twist range at the Bar in the State Basketball Centre. Big Shed Brewing and Basketball SA are dedicated to delivering a winning combination that will resonate with fans of both worlds. 

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting partnership as Basketball SA and Big Shed Brewing gear up to create unforgettable moments for fans and players across South Australia. 

Basketball SA, the peak sporting body for basketball in South Australia, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with the Adelaide Lightning. In this collaborative effort, the Adelaide Lightning will become a valued Community Partner of Basketball SA at the State Basketball Centre, utilising the training facilities and office spaces at new Home of South Australian Basketball. This partnership will play a key role in supporting Basketball SA’s Female Participation Strategy, helping to deliver essential outcomes for the program. 

The Adelaide Lightning, playing in the Women’s National Basketball League (WNBL), shares Basketball SA’s vision for community engagement, empowering female athletes, and the development of South Australian basketball. This partnership represents a significant step toward strengthening the ties between professional basketball and grassroots participation, Basketball SA’s Female Participation Strategy aims to help strengthen the pathway between the two. 

Under this partnership, the Adelaide Lightning will have access to state-of-the-art training facilities, including the use of the professional change rooms at the State Basketball Centre. These facilities will provide a top-notch training environment for the Lightning’s elite female athletes and coaches. 

“We are thrilled to welcome the Adelaide Lightning as a Community Partner at the State Basketball Centre,” said Tim Brenton, CEO of Basketball SA. “This partnership is about more than just sports; it’s about empowering female athletes and creating opportunities for them to excel. The Adelaide Lightning, as a WNBL powerhouse, will serve as a beacon of inspiration for our young female athletes, showcasing the possibilities that lie ahead.” 

The partnership also includes the Adelaide Lightning establishing their coaches’ offices within the State Basketball Centre, creating a central hub for team operations. This proximity will foster collaboration and knowledge sharing between the Lightning and Basketball SA, benefiting both organisations. 

To ensure that training can occur at all times throughout the summer, Seeley International’s Climate Wizard indirect evaporative air conditioning system has been installed at the State Basketball Centre. This state-of-the-art cooling technology will provide optimal training conditions for the athletes, even during South Australia’s hottest months. 

“We are excited about this partnership with Basketball SA and the Adelaide Lightning,” said Reece Turner, General Manager – Adelaide Lightning. “Having our team and coaches based at the State Basketball Centre will not only streamline our operations but also enable us to engage more closely with the basketball community.” 

The collaboration between Basketball SA and the Adelaide Lightning, reflects a shared commitment to fostering excellence in basketball and creating a supportive environment for female athletes at all levels. Together, they look forward to promoting the sport of basketball and enhancing the development of young female athletes.