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18th – 21st May 2023

South Australia’s basketball scene was set ablaze over the weekend as the highly anticipated State Championships took place. The tournament brought together talented athletes from across the state for an unforgettable display of basketball.

Over the weekend, there was an undeniable buzz of excitement in the air as our Div 1 and 2 teams from the U12, U14, U16, and U18 age groups proudly represented their clubs at various venues. Throughout the tournament, spectators were treated to an impressive display of athleticism and sportsmanship, cheering on their favourite teams, creating an electric atmosphere throughout the entire tournament. The matches were a testament to the level of skill and talent present in South Australia’s basketball community.

We sincerely thank the referees and officials for their crucial role in the success of the State Championships. Their commitment ensured fair games and maintained the integrity of basketball. We greatly appreciate their contributions and unwavering dedication to the sport.

The 2023 Junior State Championships marked a significant milestone with the introduction of the highly esteemed Seeley International ‘Keep Your Cool’ award, proudly presented by Basketball South Australia’s corporate partner and sponsor of the referees and technical officials, Seeley International.

The award is determined by six key categories: 

It is with great honour that we congratulate the Eastern Mavericks Basketball Club for their well-deserved recognition as the recipients of this award; presented by Managing Director of Seeley International, Jon Seeley. The Eastern Mavericks’ received the best score on the above criteria, demonstrating a commitment to fair play, respect, and sportsmanship. The award will be a perpetual trophy, symbolising the importance of these values in all our games.

Congratulations to the outstanding teams who emerged as the overall champions of State Championships.

State Male Club Champion – South Adelaide
State Female Club Champion – Norwood Flames
Overall State Club Champion – Norwood Flames

Reserve Male Club Champion – Sturt and South Adelaide
Reserve Female Club Champion – Forestville Eagles
Overall Reserve Club Champion – Forestville Eagles

BSA Extends our congratulations to the following teams for their outstanding achievements in winning the State and Reserve State Champs Grand Finals.

Under 18 Boys State: Southern Tigers
Under 18 Girls State: West Adelaide
Under 18 Boys Reserve: Forestville Eagles
Under 18 Girls Reserves: West Adelaide

Under 16 Boys State: South Adelaide
Under 16 Girls State: Forestville Eagles
Under 16 Boys Reserve: South Adelaide
Under 16 Girls Reserves: Forestville Eagles

Under 14 Boys State: South Adelaide
Under 14 Girls State: Sturt Sabres
Under 14 Boys Reserve: Norwood Flames
Under 14 Girls Reserves: Forestville Eagles

Under 12 Boys State: North Adelaide
Under 12 Girls State: Norwood Flames
Under 12 Boys Reserve: North Adelaide
Under 12 Girls Reserves: South Adelaide

We congratulate all participants of the Junior State Championships for their exceptional skills, determination, and sportsmanship. Your involvement greatly contributed to the success of the event, whether as players, coaches, referees, or supporters. Your presence added to the competitive atmosphere and made the tournament memorable. We commend your efforts, sportsmanship, and commitment to the sport, showcasing the talent and passion within the basketball community in South Australia. Bring on 2024!

Basketball SA is thrilled to announce the signing of Seeley International as a Corporate Partner. 

Seeley International is an Adelaide based company and a world leader in evaporative air conditioning solutions.  Their indirect evaporative solution, Climate Wizard, boasts advanced technology to cool large areas while maintaining low running costs, providing exceptional ventilation, and preventing increased humidity.  

Our partnership will recognise Seeley International as the preferred supplier for future Basketball SA facilities planning, as well as see Seeley International named as the Referees and Officials partner for Basketball SA.  An exciting aspect to our partnership will be a Climate Wizard solution installed in the State Basketball Centre currently under construction at Wayville.  

Basketball SA CEO, Tim Brenton, said they are looking forward to working with Seeley International to showcase Climate Wizard in the new Home of South Australian Basketball as the best air conditioning solution for the sport.

“The upfront cost and ongoing running expenses for all community sports are a huge consideration, whilst balancing the need to keep the court area humidity levels low. Seeley’s Climate Wizard indirect evaporative solution does this, whilst also ensuring great ventilation. 100% of the circulated air is sourced outside, which we recognise as an important benefit to basketball following the impacts of Covid-19 to the sport.”

Jon Seeley, Group Managing Director of Seeley International, said he was pleased to be working with such an inclusive and diverse sport that has such a high reliance on the climate control of its venues, and hopes to keep working with Basketball SA in other venues.

“We know basketball is a very popular sport in the state, and we are excited to be working with Basketball SA to support referees and officials deliver the game and help everyone keep their cool. It’s fitting that our cutting-edge technology will be used to help provide perfect conditions for the game at the State Basketball Centre.”

To recognise Seeley International’s valued support for the high performance pathways of our referees to NBL1, National and International levels, the Climate Wizard logo will be seen on all NBL1 Central Referees and Officials uniforms during the 2023, 2024 and 2025 Seasons.