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Basketball SA is proud to announce the appointment of Bailey Dyer to the WNBL Referee Panel. The panel currently consists of five South Australian Officials. 

We sat down with Bailey to chat about what this appointment meant to him and the advice he would offer to aspiring officials:

“This opportunity to officiate in the WNBL was not something I expected to happen so quickly. This appointment means the world to me, and all the hard work put into games, tape review, physical ability and presentation are paying off. I hope for this to be the beginning of a continued career in basketball officiating and the start of a pathway to the best leagues in Australia and the world.” 

“My advice to young aspiring officials is to work hard on and off the court, understand the game, take any opportunity for development that is thrown your way, and never get ahead of yourself or take anything for granted. If you work hard, put in the time, and know your stuff, the time will come!”

Referee Framework and Services Manager, Phil Haines couldn’t be prouder of Bailey’s achievement, “Bailey being appointed to his first WNBL game is a well-deserved reward for all the hard work and dedication he puts into his officiating. He has travelled the referee pathway in South Australia from juniors to attending the Australian Junior Championships, working senior leagues including the NBL1, and becoming a member of the NRDP. This is an important step in his continued development that will no doubt see him achieve his future goals as an elite official.”

Bailey Dyer picture left with fellow referee Nathan Davis.


“Throw-in foul” and removal of C5 USF (Article 34 / 37)

Rule: 34.1.2 – A throw-in foul is a personal foul committed, when the game clock shows 2:00 minutes or less in the fourth quarter and in each overtime, by a defensive player on an opponent on the playing court when the ball is out-of-bounds for a throw-in and still in the hands of the referee or at the disposal of the player taking the throw-in.

The rule which previously governed the fifth criteria of unsportsmanlike fouls is no longer an automatic unsportsmanlike foul. What shall be called in this situation is a normal defensive foul with modified penalties – a “Throw-In Foul” shall be called instead.

A “Throw-In Foul” will result in one free throw for the player fouled and possession of the ball at the nearest point to where the foul occurred – not the location of the original inbound unless this is the nearest point.

The “Throw-In Foul” will apply regardless of the defensive team being in the foul penalty situation. All “Throw-In Fouls” in the last two minutes of regular and overtime will be one free throw and possession of the ball at the nearest point to where the foul occurred. This may occur more than one time in a sequence and at multiple times during the last 2 minutes.

Note: This does not mean unsportsmanlike fouls cannot be called in the last two minutes on a throw-in. The normal conditions for unsportsmanlike fouls may still be applied to players that deliberately grab an opponent or foul excessively.

Video example:

C4 USF clarification

Rule: 37.1.1 (4th Bullet) An illegal contact caused by a player from behind or laterally on an opponent, who is progressing towards the opponent’s basket and there are no other opponent players between the progressing player and the basket, and

– The progressing player is in control of the ball, or– The progressing player is attempting to gain control of the ball, or – The ball has been released on a pass to the progressing player.

This applies until the offensive player begins the act of shooting.

Video example:


Illegal Cylinder

This signal is used to demonstrate the specific action of a cylinder foul. The foul call itself can create confusion in the game as to why it was called and thus this signal endeavours to explain the nature of the cylinder foul.

Note: Although this is a new, FIBA-approved signal it is not recommended for use when reporting to the score table. A blocking or pushing foul are typically more descriptive and more accurate representation of actions that occur on the floor.

Goal tending / Basket interference

This signal is used to clarify what the referees’ decision is on the floor and why the basket will count or not, in a way explaining the violation to the game without need for excessive, unapproved hand gestures.

When executing the new signal following a goaltending or basket interference call, referees must use 3 different signals in the following order for uniformity and consistency of application:

1. Blow whistle and use stop the clock signal to stop the game.
2. Show the Goaltending/Interference signal.
3. Signal how many points shall count or if the basket will be cancelled

Video example:


*There are no FIBA rule changes regarding the no-charge semi-circle, restricted area, or defensive semi-circle.

*There is a suite of FIBA rule changes from October 1, 2022. Although not all changes will apply to Basketball South Australia Competitions or directly to the officials on the floor, all Officials are expected to know these changes in full as part of their professional duty to the sport.

After an extensive national search, Basketball South Australia is excited to announce the appointment of Tim Brenton as CEO.

Friday, 7th October, 2022 – Tim Brenton announced as Basketball South Australia CEO. Picture: Sarah Reed / BasketballSA

Tim joins Basketball South Australia after a successful career in the sporting industry most recently as the General Manager of Adelaide Lightning and before that as a consultant for Basketball South Australia.

Co-Founder of the Aboriginal Basketball Academy, and former NBL player, Tim will bring not only a business and politically savvy mindset but a wealth of relevant basketball knowledge and experience that is unparalleled.

Basketball South Australia Chairman, Wade Burns welcomes Tim to Basketball South Australia describing him as the ideal person to lead the organisation, “After conducting a national CEO recruitment search, Tim was identified as the ideal candidate from an exceptional list of applicants.”

“His depth of basketball expertise, across a multitude of roles and functions, coupled with demonstrable business achievements, ensures that Tim will lead Basketball South Australia with authority and credibility.”

The panel, including representatives of key stakeholder groups, believe Tim’s skills and personal attributes are exceptionally well suited to driving positive change to further enhance the sport of basketball, at all levels, within South Australia.

“With a high degree of professionalism, integrity, and self-awareness, Tim’s people-centric approach and genuine ability to build positive partnerships will hold him in good stead to lead Basketball South Australia into the future,” said Wade.

Tim is thrilled to be the new CEO of Basketball South Australia and is looking forward to elevating the sport in the state.

“I love everything about our sport, and I am looking forward to the opportunities on and off the basketball court.”

“Basketball has seen considerable growth over the last five years and most recently with the success of the Commonwealth Games Men’s and Women’s 3×3 teams and FIBA World Cup Opals Bronze medal, this is an exciting time to be part of the sport,” Tim said.

“I share a positive and strong connection with Basketball South Australia and the wider basketball community. I have the belief and confidence that I can oversee and lead all commercial activities as well as ensure all facets of the sport are improved across South Australia including facilities, membership, competitions, and stakeholder partnerships.”

Tim will commence as Chief Executive Officer on Monday, 31 October 2022.

Basketball SA inducted two new referees into the Basketball SA Officials Platinum League.  

The Platinum League is recognising outstanding dedication, contribution, development and promotion as an official, an educator and ambassador in the sport of basketball throughout South Australia. 

Congratulations to David Moir and Howard Nixon on being inducted into the Basketball SA Officials Platinum League. 

Howard Nixon

Statement of Career Achievements

State Referee Badge 

Australian Badge 1973 

FIBA Badge 1976 

Numerous National Junior/Senior Championships 

SA Rules Interpreter 1983-1988 

Chair of the Referees’ Selection Committee 

NBL Referee Coach 1983-2015 (includes time while out of SA) 

Started Officiating in 1962, with his first Men’s District game in 1965 with David Moir 

First Referee Life Member of Basketball SA 1983. (Now BSA Participant Life Member) 

Refereed 2 Men’s District Men’s Grand Finals (Now NBL1 Central) 

Appointed to every National Championship Final when a South Australian team was not in the Final.  Neutrality of Officials was the rule during much of Howard’s officiating caree 

Officiated a number of International matches involving various South Australian State and Club teams against visiting teams 

David Moir

Statement of Career Achievements

State Referee Badge 

Australian Badge 1970 

FIBA Badge 1972 

Awarded Life FIBA 1982 

Numerous National Junior/Senior Championships 

Asian Games over 10 years 

FIBA Women’s World Championship Columbia 

SA Rules Interpreter 1975-1980 

Umpires’s Coach and Member of the State Standard Committee 

Basketball South Australia is excited to announce the Under 16 and Under 18 Metro Coaching Staff for the 2023 High Performance Basketball Program.

Congratulations to our coaches on their selection, we wish them well as they guide the next generation of South Australian talent.

Jimmy Alexander

8 years coaching in the SA Metro High Performance program.

6 X Assistant coach, 2 X Development coach

2 x Gold medal –  SA State Championships (u16 Girls & u18 Boys) and 1 x Silver medal – SA State Championships

Tom Hilbig

Tom is currently the Junior Development Officer for Southern Tigers and the 2022 NBL1 Men’s head coach. He was also previously an assistant coach with Forestville Eagles’ NBL1 Men for 5 years that had 3 grand final appearances and won 2 championships in 2019 and 2020. Tom has coached for 9 years in SA Metro’s High-Performance Program, including as an assistant coach with the 2019 U18 Boys silver medalists, 2021 U18 Girls gold medalists, and as head coach of the 2022 U16 Girls Silver Medalists.

Katherine McPhail

Katherine was the SA Metro U18 Girls Head Coach who led the 2020 team to a historic first gold medal in 31 years. Katherine has been an assistant coach for SA Metro Girls across age groups in2012-2014 and in 2020. Katherine has had a long and successful junior coaching career at Sturt. Off the success of 2022, Katherine was invited to attend and coach at the Basketball Australia’s HighPerformance Pathways – National Performance Camp Jan 23-26, 2022 but the camp, unfortunately, didn’t go ahead due to COVID. Katherine was also selected to undertake the Basketball Australia High-Performance Coaching – Elite Female Advancement Program.

Jarrod Clarke

Head Coach, SA Metro U/18 Men (2022, 2021, 2020, 2019)

Coach, Australian Development Camp (2019)Assistant Coach

SA Metro U/18 Men (2015, 2014)Assistant Coach, SA Metro U/16 Boys (2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006)

EADP Squad Coach U/18 Men @ Adelaide Invitational Challenge (2022, 2021)

EADP Squad Coach U/18 Men @ East Coast Challenge (2020)

Head Coach, SA Metro U/18 Men @ East Coast Challenge (2019)

Head Coach, SA Metro U/14 Boys @ Southern Cross Challenge (2018)

SASI Coach (2008, 2007, 2006, 2005)Head Coach

SASI U/16 Boys @ East Coast Challenge (2009)

Assistant Coach, SASI U/16 Boys @ East Coast Challenge (2011)

Assistant Coach, SASI U/17 Boys @ Port Macquarie (2007, 2006)

Assistant Coach, SASI Mens Team USA Tour (2006)

As part of the Female Participation Strategy, Basketball SA and Aboriginal Basketball Academy partnered in supporting a basketball clinic in Port Pirie celebrating NAIDOC week.

Feedback – Joey Wyatt – Aboriginal Basketball Academy Mentor 

“Over 30 students from the surrounding area of Port Pirie, Port Augusta and Port Broughton attended.

Staff and coaches of ABA enjoyed hooping with the young fellas and connected with Community members.

Some young fellas lacked confidence at first but coaches and staff with other young fellas leading the way saw those young fellas find their confidence to join in the fun”

Feedback – Kit Prior – Aboriginal Health Community Engagement and Development Officer 

“You all engaged really really well with the participants and did such a great job of involving everyone – even those who were a little reluctant or shy.”

“You were able to engage and cater with participants of all ages and get them involved in playing! I can not thank you enough for taking your time and using your resources to attend our event I think you all left a very lasting and positive impression!”

Last month, the Co Chair of the Awards and History Committee, Geoff Weeks, had the pleasure of presenting Terry Jones of the South Adelaide Basketball Club with a Basketball SA Award of Merit.

Terry has been with the South Adelaide Basketball Club for over 20 years in a variety of roles from coach of their under 12 teams, statistician for NBL1, committee member and a fundraising volunteer.

For the first time in South Australia, 3×3 Pro Hustle went beachside, with NBL 3x3Hustle, and the City of Holdfast Bay hosting Australia’s finest 3×3 ballers from Saturday, May 28 to Sunday, May 29. 

A fantastic event that saw plenty of familiar faces from our local competitions! It was fantastic to see a huge crowd get down and support the teams despite chilly weather!

Photo gallery from the official photographer of the 3×3 Hustle Glenelg: @allstarphotos_au

Basketball South Australia celebrated National Volunteer Week (NVW) is Australia’s largest annual celebration of volunteering, held on 16 – 22 May 2022.

National Volunteer Week is a chance for all of us to celebrate and recognise the vital work of volunteers and to say thank you.

Together, through volunteering, we are changing communities for the better. We are, Better Together.

Last week, we welcomed volunteers to the House of Basketball for a celebratory breakfast! Volunteers are the back bone of our sport and make our game possible!

We were delighted to treat them all to a delicious catered breakfast from My Little Foodary and barista coffee from The Coffee Run.

Thank you to all that attended the fantastic morning!