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Basketball SA Partners with SEDA College to Enhance Community Engagement

Basketball SA, the peak sporting body for basketball in South Australia, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with SEDA College. Under this collaboration, SEDA College will continue as a community partner of Basketball SA at the State Basketball Centre, including renting office space within the facility. 

SEDA College, a leader in contemporary schooling, sports and education programs, shares Basketball SA’s commitment to fostering community engagement and providing opportunities for youth development. This partnership marks a significant strengthening of ties between the educational and basketball communities in South Australia. 

As part of the agreement, SEDA College will establish a presence at the State Basketball Centre, utilising office space within the facility as its head office in Adelaide. This move highlights the importance of education in the world of basketball and demonstrates the desire for collaboration and innovation between the two organizations. 

“We are delighted to welcome SEDA College as a community partner at the State Basketball Centre,” said Tim Brenton, CEO of Basketball SA. “This partnership reflects our dedication to creating an inclusive and dynamic environment for the community. By having SEDA College as tenants, we are helping them in their desire to help young talents thrive both academically and athletically.” 

SEDA College is known for its innovative education programs that combine classroom learning and SACE completion with hands-on experience in the sports industry. With a focus on personal and professional development, SEDA College provides students with unique opportunities to build careers in sports and related fields. 

“We are excited to partner with Basketball SA, an organization that shares our passion for education and sports,” said Matthew Daly, Principal SEDA College. “This partnership allows us to further our mission of providing young people with pathways to success through sports-focused education. Being a part of the vibrant State Basketball Centre community is an exciting opportunity for our staff.” 

The collaboration between Basketball SA and SEDA College not only enriches the experience of aspiring athletes and students but also reinforces the State Basketball Centre’s role as a dynamic hub for both sports and education. Through the partnership, Basketball SA will also be looking to strengthen the official’s pathway, with referee accreditation able to be recognised towards SACE completion. 

Together, Basketball SA and SEDA College look forward to empowering South Australia’s youth through sports and education, fostering growth, and nurturing the talents of tomorrow.