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Changes to parking at State Basketball Centre as of June 9

As of Sunday June 9th, there will be changes to the parking procedures at the State Basketball Centre (SBC). This is due to a major event being held at the Adelaide Showgrounds. Instead of utilising ticket and validation machines, basketball spectators and players must now use the QR code system through Basketball Connect. See a guide of how to access this QR code via Basketball connect This QR code is to be scanned at the entry/exit to use the carpark free of charge.

Failure to use the QR code will result in the regular parking fee being charged. Refunds for paid parking will not be issued.


Why is this change coming into effect?

The Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society (RAHS) are changing the ticket validation system within the SBC, due to Cirque du Soleil being held at the Adelaide Showgrounds from June 9 to July 7. This event will heavily affect the car parking as they expect a significant increase in attendance to the Showgrounds. The QR code system will decrease entry and exit wait times.

How to do I access the QR code required for entry/exit?

The QR code is available to players, coaches, officials and spectators through the Basketball Connect app. You must be following a team to view the QR code in the ‘News and Updates’ banner at the top of the home screen.

Not registered with Basketball Connect? See a step by step guide on how to register and follow a team in Basketball Connect.

For external users you will be contacted with the code.

I do not own a smartphone, how do I access the code?

If you do not have a smart phone, we suggest getting help from another person in the Basketball Community that does have access to the code to share it with you and print it to gain access to the carpark.

When I get to the gate, how do I use the QR code?

Please see the graphic below on how to scan the QR code at the gates.

When are the expected peaks going to occur?

Below is the schedule to the session times of Cirque du Soleil. We recommend looking at this schedule and consider allowing more time to get to the venue if your activity coincides with a session listed below.

What street entrances can I use this QR code for?

The QR Code will allow access into the carparks for both Rose Terrace and Leader Street.