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From Bronze to Gold: Highlighting the Individual Successes of Basketball South Australia Referees at the 2023 Foot Locker Australian School Championships.

Basketball South Australia is proud to recognise and congratulate the 13 referees and 2 referee coaches who traveled to the Gold Coast to represent the state at the 2023 Foot Locker Australian School Championships, from 27 November to 1 December 2023.

The championships are held over two categories, championship division & participation.  The medal tally is a testament to the exceptional performance of the Basketball South Australia representatives, with a total of seven bronze medal games and five gold medal games proudly secured.


Jamie May – Championship Woman’s Bronze Medal Game. 
Tynan Kelly – Championship Men’s Bronze Medal Game. 


Matthew Hubner – U20 Men Div1 Gold Medal Game. 

Makita Pitt-Williams – U15 Men’s Div1 Bronze Medal Game. 


Jack Pietsch – U20 Men’s Div3 Gold Medal Game. 

Josh Boxall – U17 Mens Div2 Gold medal game. 

Matthew Dixon – U15 Woman’s Div2 Gold Medal Game.

Alix Lilley – U15 Woman’s Div2 Gold Medal Game. 

Grace Taylor – U17 Woman’s Div2 Bronze Medal Game. 

Zinzan Todd – U17 Men Div4 Bronze Medal Game. 

Grady Cooper – U15 Woman Div2 Bronze Medal Game. 

James Anderson – U15 Woman Div2 Bronze Medal Game. 

Behind the scenes, experienced referee coaches Maddison Shaw and Benjamin Shepherd played a pivotal role, as the referee coaches, guiding and shaping the referees’ performances. Their outstanding work throughout the week in the Participation and Championship Divisions, respectively, contributed significantly to the success of Basketball South Australia on the national stage.

The journey to the 2023 Foot Locker Australian School Championships was not only marked by record-breaking participation but also by an impressive display of skill, determination, and sportsmanship by Basketball South Australia’s referees and referee coaches. The state proudly celebrates their achievements and contributions to the basketball community.