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MY BASKETBALL PATHWAY is a Basketball SA series of stories that showcase the unique and varied pathways through South Australian basketball.

 They highlight the incredible achievements of SA’s basketball community, talk about how each individual began in the sport, and best of all, the amazing gifts that basketball has brought to their lives both on and off the court.

Tracy York

"I can't believe I have had a thirty-year career in coaching and it all started in under 14, div 2 girls."
Tracy York
Basketball Coach

James Griguol, Nathan Davis and Emma Caeran

Rising South Australian officiating talent, watch as you see James, Nathan and Emma on their journey from green shirt to NBL.

Brett Maher​

Brett Maher is a South Australian legend, three-time Olympian, 36ers three-time Championship Player and Basketball SA Community Coach.​

Steph Talbot​

She's the Captain of the Adelaide Lightning, an Australian Opal and a WNBA player. Steph Talbot's basketball journey is far from over.​

David Gould​

David Gould OAM is Australian basketball royalty. He never lost sight of his dream to represent Australia despite facing unimaginable hurdles. Quite simply his story is an inspirational.​

Sam Simons

Sam Simons was destined for basketball success, following in the footsteps of her dad, Andy and mum, Sharon. Sam’s basketball journey began as a Forestville Eagles junior 15 years ago.

Scott Ninnis

Scott Ninnis’ love of basketball was in his blood, following in his dad’s footsteps who was part of the great South Adelaide men's Championship teams of the 60s. ​

Rachael Sporn

Rachael Sporn OAM OLY, is an icon of Australian basketball. She learnt the game growing up in a small country town and went on to become a 5-time WNBL Champion, 2-time WNBL MVP, and three-time Olympian with two silver medals and a bronze medal.​

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