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Rules of Operations – Reminders

Basketball SA would like to remind Clubs about some Rules of Operation for District League. These are existing rules and you may have noticed SSO’s and Officials being more consistent in applying these rules. See below relevant sections;

  • Jewellery and piercings

Section 11.5. Jewellery

a) Exposed jewellery is prohibited during all District League games. The following are examples of jewellery items that are prohibited:
i) Rings; and
ii) Earrings/studs; and
iii) Nose rings/studs; and
iv) Lip rings/studs; and
v) Necklaces; and
vi) Bracelets; and
vii) Anklets; and
viii) Watches.

  • Hair and playing numbers

Section 11.4. Hair and Hair Accessories

a) A player’s hair, when standing in a normal position, cannot cover the player’s number on the back of their uniform. Hair that would normally cover the number must be tied, so as not to cover the number.

b) If a player’s hair accessories are made from a non-abrasive, pliable material, they are permitted to be worn, as they pose no threat of injury. However, there must not be any loose material that other player’s could potentially get their fingers caught in.

i) This includes headscarves or other fabric articles worn for religious purposes held in place by bobby pins or snap clips.

  • Uniform exemptions

The correct uniform is outlined in Section 10.2. Correct Uniform: Players of the Rules of Operations.

Clubs and teams need to show all uniform exceptions to SSO’s prior to the game.

  • Substitution chairs

Substitution chairs are a requirement of FIBA – 2020 Official Basketball Rules, please see below section.

Section 19.3. Procedure

19.3.5. Only a substitute has the right to request a substitution. He (not the head coach or the first assistant coach) shall go to the scorer’s table and ask clearly for a substitution, making the proper conventional sign with his hands, or sit on the substitution chair. He must be ready to play immediately.