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Thank you, from Basketball SA

Basketball South Australia would like to say thank you to all the Referees and Stadium Staff that helped out this weekend. We would also like to acknowledge and thank our member families who had jam packed weekends juggling multiple commitments and the ongoing dedication of all Coaches and Team Managers.  Without the support from everyone we wouldn’t have basketball and we are fortunate when our interstate counterparts continue to struggle.

Over the weekend we had the following:

  • Friday Night – 98 Games
  • Saturday – 139 Games
  • Sunday – 202 Games

Special thanks to our referees:

There were a total of 439 games and 878 referee appointments. It was a massive task to get all of these games covered. We managed to get 852/878 appointments filled – this equates to 97% of referee appointments filled.

This is thanks to the 189 Referees that worked games over the weekend.

Some referees worked 15 games over a 3-day period which was a massive help. On average referees worked 5 games over the weekend.

In saying all this we will need to do it all again. From Friday the 8th of October to Sunday the 10th we will have another double round. We will be calling on all referees to assist here again. If you could please make yourself available to referee this weekend it would be greatly appreciated. Pays will be increased to 15% more for all Sunday games.